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If accident happened, do not panic! This is actually a reason you have decided to have a policy. It is necessary to inform us about a claim as soon as possible.
For preliminary notice it is enough to provide the following information:
  • WHAT – happened
  • WHERE – place of an accident
  • WHEN – time
  • WHO – contact details

It is also important to remember to take all possible steps in order to minimize the consequences of an accident and loss amount.

Our emergency number +372 5555 6655 is available 24/7, which allows us to deal efficiently with every situation.

If needed, consult our specialists by calling us or sending message from our web page.

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In case of a claim please contact:

+372 66 44 388 (on weekdays 9.00-18.00)
+372 5555 66 55 (24/7, Kominsur Kindlustusmaakler Clients)
(your emails will be answered on weekdays 9.00-18.00)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Clients do not always have time and patience to examine conditions of policies. Below there are frequently asked questions:

  1. Motor third party liability covers damages caused to third parties. If on a parking next to your office you hit against colleague's car and both of them are company vehicles - this is not an insured case, because there is no damage to third parties. Both cars will be repaired under Motor Insurance Policy (Casco)

  2. A wild animal jumped in front of a car that resulted in an accident. This is an insured event only under Motor Insurance Policy (Casco), as there is no damage to third party

  3. But in case of damage to a traffic sign, flagpole, fence or parts of a building (advertising poster panels, gates etc) Motor third party liability policy will compensate losses to injured party

  4. After a traffic accident all its participants have to apply to Insurer of guilty party. In case it is unclear who is responsible for an accident, Insurers of all participants are to be informed, their experts will investigate into the matter. An injured party is to inform insurance company of a guilty party at the earliest opportunity, whereas guilty party has five days to do so. In case the latter fails to do so, they will be forced to partially compensate damage caused to the other party.

  5. In case of a dispute, it is better to call police. When there are injured people, more than two participants in an accident or damage caused to a parked vehicle (with a driver absent) – call police by all means!

  6. Home property insurance. Water damage usually means bursting of pipes (water supply / sewers / heating systems), but not any damage caused by water. If a child of your neighbours upstairs decides to play sea captain and turns all the taps on, you will have your apartment repaired by your home property insurer, who will then have a right to approach guilty party in order to get recovery. If the latter have civil liability, it will step forward. Parents of that child may compensate their losses in case they have "all risks" cover.
  7. In case water from a burst pipe floods a neighbour downstairs only your civil liability policy works, this cover is additional
    8. Insured value under Motor Insurance Policy is a market value of a vehicle at the moment of a loss. It is defined by experts after examining a car or using information of dealers and Internet. In case sum insured is lower than market value, Insurers will apply principle of underinsurance and compensation may be considerably reduced

    9. In case of property insurance sum insured is equal to amount necessary to restore subject matter to its original condition. This sum usually does not coincide with market value

    10. Business interruption is a part of a Business Property Insurance policy and works only if an enterprise cannot continue its normal activity as a result of an insured event under property policy, for example, fire and elimination of its consequences may require time. If a company cannot go on its activity due to financial difficulties – it is not the case when Business Interruption works.

    11. Under CMR policy transported goods are not insured. The policy only covers carrier's liability for damage to cargo. In case there is no fault of a carrier in loss or damage to cargo – there is no compensation under CMR policy.

    12. Cargo insurance against water damage usually means damage caused by sea water, but not condensate or insufficient packing. Condensate is always excluded unless there is a special agreement with Insurer.

    13. Medical expenses insurance always means an amount indicated in a policy. If it is EUR 10 500, which is enough to get a visa to Russia, then no matter how much necessary treatment costs, Insurer cannot compensate more, even if they truly feel for an injured. So it is reasonable to choose cover not according to the premium, but also to sums insured.

    14. Skiing, even on special tourist routes, is considered as high risk sport and it is to be indicated on the policy

    Dear Clients!
    Please send us your questions and we will be happy to publish answers on this page.
    Damage to marine insurance
    In addition, concerning the Marine Insurance matters we do the following:

    • co-operation with port & terminal administration, ships' agents, stevedores, etc in jurisdiction of those the insurance case happened;
    • co-ordination of actions with international network of P&I correspondents;
    • helping ship owners in case of ships' arrest or detention
    • setting & co-working with surveyors, lawyers, experts & any other representatives of either sides in any part of the world in order to get full investigation of causes, circumstances of accidents & making up calculation of losses;
    • performing the claim handling at shipowners behalf in order to minimize or decline the claims from third party (claimants).
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