Work schedule due to Covid-19
Dear Clients and Partners,

With wishes for health and safety to all of You, we inform You that our company fully complies with the restrictive measures introduced in Estonia and in all countries where we have branches and subsidiaries, while the work schedule of our specialists has not changed.

Most of our specialists work on remote access, these days several employees are on standby at the main office, but if the situation continues to develop negatively, the remaining employees will also be transferred to remote access from a home office.

All employees are available through Your usual communication channels: You can call on mobile phones and conduct correspondence by e-mail. Insurance companies are also in working mode, the procedure for issuing policies and document processing has not changed.

In this mode, we plan to build our interaction with You in the near future and until the situation stabilizes.

Thank you for staying with us at this difficult time - we, in our turn, will make every effort and do our best so that You and Your business can get out of this crisis with the least losses.

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