Loss adjustment
Loss adjustment
Accompanying the loss before the payment of insurance compensation, "hot line", legal support and advice.

In case of an insured event, the policyholder shall apply to the insurance company with a claim for compensation of losses incurred.

We assist our clients in preparing documents for registration of claims to insurers, assessing and settling insurance losses:

- we accept insurance case application,
- we notify the client about the list of documents that must be provided to initiate the procedure of settlement of losses,
- we check the facts stated in the application and assess the damage.

As well we provide consulting services to our clients on various commercial disputes:
- we provide consulting about dispute and how to settle the claim,
- we conduct claim work on behalf of the client, defend the interests of the client before third parties.
- we prepare pre-trial documentation for the transfer of the file to the appointed lawyers, if the claim has not been settled peacefully;

All claim and consulting work is included in the scope of service for our clients.

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